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Accountancy School

Accountancy school offers accounting courses for qualifications in professional accountancy exams like ACCA, CIMA and several others to students in Ireland. In simpler terms, it provides education for aspiring accountants. They also provide courses like ACCA, CIMA, GAAP, and DipFR.

What they offer

Accountancy School offers a wide range of courses to its students, including online courses, which are particularly beneficial in the present times when lockdowns and movement restrictions due to Coronavirus have become a norm. Based in Lad Lane, Dublin, students can opt for several courses offered, including ACCA, CIMA, MSc in professional accountancy, CPA, Diploma in International Financial Reporting, Diploma Irish GAAP and Chartered Grind School. Their courses help one to qualify the professional accountancy exams for a better future.

Services GS Cleaning provided

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