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Founded in 1972, Electramed is the one-stop destination for those searching for medical products and pharmaceuticals throughout Ireland. They specialise in the field of radiology, trauma, pharmacy, and orthopaedics. The company delivers the best medical products in the country and deals in various industries.

What do they have to offer to their clients?

Electramed is highly experienced in distributing and marketing medical products and pharmaceuticals and offer consumable medical devices, licensed medicines, and medical equipment. Operating since 1972, Electramed has provided highly satisfactory solutions to its customers in Ireland. They are also delivering the best products to promote better life in customers. 

Services GS Cleaning provided

Electramed required a thorough office cleaning solution for their Airside Business Park office location in Dublin. In their requirement, they requested a comprehensive cleaning solution that can be done in a quick and efficient manner without disturbing the ongoing work at the workspace. We decided to provide our cleaning service in two phases, first the outdoor and window cleaning which had to be done on workdays, and the comprehensive indoor cleaning on the closed days. Through this strategy, we were able to provide satisfactory cleaning solutions to our customers, and that too in a timely manner. Special consideration was placed in not disturbing the ongoing working at the office, which led us to create a bespoke cleaning solution that works well for our clients at Electramed. Customer satisfaction has always been a matter of prime importance for us at GS Cleaning.