GS Cleaning | Stvin Cents Specials School Portfolio

St. Vincent’s Special School

St. Vincent's Special School is a co-education school under the trusteeship of Daughters of Charity, which caters to students between 5 to 18 years who have Moderate General Learning Disability. 

What does St. Vincent's Special School offer?

St. Vincent’s Special School strives to provide quality education in a safe learning environment for all its pupil so that its students can reach their maximum potential. St. Vincent’s Special School recognises the unique distinctive personal and spiritual needs of every pupil. That is why they have developed an optimal curriculum that will enable their students to live their lives as an independent member of society. St. Vincent's Special School focuses on providing quality education and a safe learning environment for pupils with multiple disabilities.

Services GS Cleaning provided

St. Vincent’s Special School in Dublin hired GS Cleaning for a comprehensive cleaning solution for their classrooms, with a special focus on the windows and desks of their classrooms. We utilised our tested strategies and devised a method to deep clean both the inside and outside of the windows for window cleaning. For desks and the remaining areas of the classroom, a comprehensive Coronavirus cleaning solution was utilised, with a particular emphasis on common touch areas, which sees constant interaction and could easily spread the virus if not cleaned properly. We had served the safe cleaning solutions, as we are obsessed with hygiene. We offered a hygienic environment for the students with carpet and coronavirus cleaning.