Rug Cleaning


The Ultimate Rug Cleaning Service

We at GS Cleaning would like to spare you the unnecessary costs of buying new rugs to replace any damaged or old wearing rugs, by providing you with a simple yet brilliant cleaning service, to restore your rugs to pristine conditions within the day. We are a team of experienced professionals in these field of rug cleaning, and we get rid of any bad odour, or discolouring and provide a thorough cleaning. Our services also cover requests for rugs in the commercial markets.

Rugs are known to be welcoming and colourful, or even funny, but often get dirty quite fast. We welcome you to keep your rugs in top condition, by availing to our services. No matter if the rug is wool, handmade, Persian, oriental, or even hand-knotted, we will be able to help save and restore it.

We take great care in thoughtfully choosing the pH of our cleaning products, to make sure that we handle delicate fabrics or structures, with the care that it deserves. We are established professionals in this field, and we have all been trained to bring about the best results.

Types of rugs that are included:
  • Persian
  • Antique
  • Oriental
  • Modern.

We also make sure that we are informed of any stains (wine, oil, coffee etc.), and make choices to tackle them efficiently. We handle stain removal, whether they are heavy or moderate, and never damage your rugs in the process, by carefully organising the right techniques, and necessary solutions, and detergents.

Rug cleaning services can be combined with house cleaning, power washing, tile cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and most other cleaning services that we offer.


What types of rugs can be cleaned?

These are some types of rugs:

  1. Persian
  2. Antique
  3. Oriental
  4. Modern