Window washing with the reach & wash system

Let our Professional Cleaners Team to look after your Windows, Let us Make Your Day Brighter

We at GS Cleaning with extra care will render your windows spotless, with our team of skilled and experienced professionals, and our best of the range tools, techniques and detergents. We will leave your windows in perfect conditions, and this will make your live just a little bit brighter.

We have several specially tested and devised methods (We also do the traditional method if requested), to provide the best results, and we bring all of our own tools. Some of these include:

Pure-Water treatment: The usage of a 20m long carbon fibre pole, which is attached to a purified water tank, which we will bring along with us in our van. This is the latest method that is available in tech-reliant cleaning industry. This method helps us to remove chemicals, dirt particles and even minerals that are attached and can corrode your glass slowly. Using this method, we can clean windows up till the 5th floor successfully.

Traditional Window Cleaning Method: The standard method of Window Cleaning Services Blackrock Ireland, is still the favourite for many and hence we continue to administer. With the simple method of cleaning with detergents, this can be done both on the inside and the outside.

Window Washing Services

We provide window washing services for a one-off trial, or regularly scheduled services (which are subject to discounts and brilliant deals). With the rich and wash system, you can choose how often you would like your windows cleaned. We would recommend every two or so months, but you, the client, may require or desire different intervals and we would be happy to accommodate them. However, window-cleaning is an invaluable advantage providing not only good views, but sunlight to enter within your building.

What is the best way to wash windows?

A simple method for a cleaner window you can add vinegar to 10 parts warm water and spray it over the window and wipe it with a micro fiber cloth.


Is Professional Window Cleaning worth it?
Because of the professionals you can save your money in a longer run, it can reduce the normal wear and tear with regular cleaning.