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We understand that cleaning carpets can be a tiresome and stressful task, and YES, we are ready and willing to do carpet cleaning services in your area!

Here at, GS Cleaning, our experts cleaners will clean your carpets irrespective of their condition and provide you with results that will please you, by making them look totally brand new.

Why should I get professional help to clean my carpets?

Although we often do not realise it, but the neglecting of a carpet, can increase the level of allergens or even the infestation of mould inside the house. By the regular thorough cleaning of carpets, we can reduce this, making your home safer and a healthier environment for you and your family. By cleaning your carpet with professional services at least once a year, you can not only help it last longer, but also ensure that it is not damaged by water.

Professional Sandyford Carpet Cleaning in Ireland such as ours, can also help to remove stains that have not come off with your own cleaning methods, and a much more thorough cleaning with our top-of-the-state equipment and cleaning techniques. We guarantee your carpet to look fresh and new!

All of our products are non-toxic and eco-friendly. We at, GS Cleaning, make sure that we provide the best service for our customers, and we pay extreme attention to the safety of you and your family members. All of our products have been tested and examined numerous times before we administer them in our cleaning services.

We also take into consideration any allergies that you or your family members have, when we choose the specific detergent for your property. We value your satisfaction, and hence personalise carpet washing service packages to best suit not only your carpet, but also you.

What goes into carpet cleaning?

We use a variety of methods to remove the stubbornness of stains and dirt from your carpets, whilst taking in consideration the condition and make of your carpet. We use our own tested non-toxic detergents and eco-friendly chemicals, which are also child and pet-friendly. Our expert team care not only for your carpet but also for you, and hence we assure you the best results.

Here are a few methods that we use in our carpet cleaning services:

Carpet Pre-Vacuuming- We initially run the vacuum over your carpet to get rid of any loose debris and dust that may have accumulated on your carpet. By removing these lighter layers of dirt, we are preparing the carpet, for a deeper clean. With the caked dirty top layer removed, we are able to directly clean harder stains, by cleansing the carpet with detergents, and our steam machines. The use of steam not only helps to get rid of the stains, but also any other solids on the carpet, which are then sucked away with the professional carpet cleaning machinery removing all the remaining liquids and leaving your carpet dry and soft.

Deodorising and Pre-spraying- We then proceed to pre-spray your carpets with our specifically designed non-toxic, eco-friendly, product. This creates a suspension on your carpet, for dirt to be removed from your carpet. Our pre-spray also consists of a sanitizer and odour-absorber, which terminates bacteria and germs in your carpet. The pre-spray technique is 99% efficient. Dealing with Carpet Odours- Although we cannot always visibly see it, carpets are normally infestation grounds for bacteria, dirt, germs and even food. Due to the texture, carpets tend to hold a lot of moisture, from the humidity in the air, or even from plants, which can cause unpleasant odours, if not regularly cleaned. We ensure to get rid of this odour, with the use of our eco-friendly products, and provide you with a fresher breath of air. Our pre-spray is also a non-toxic chemical that sticks to the bacteria on the carpet, and makes it loose, for easy removal, with the steamer.


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Method Cleaner in Ireland

Cleaning using Steam- We recommend steam-cleaning for carpets, as it is the most effective method of cleaning, and produces the best of results, making your carpet look almost brand new. It successfully deep cleans the carpet, even reaching spots that are normally hard to reach, targets spots that vacuum cleaners often cannot reach, and gets rid of all hidden dirt. By spraying a combination of non-toxic detergent and water, it not only breaks down accumulation of dirt, but also freshens up the carpet. Any residue is sucked up the vacuum, along with the detergent and water, leaving a completely clean carpet, free from any dirt. We are constantly servicing and updating our equipment and machines, to ensure you the best results, and top-quality service.

Getting rid of stains- We understand that sticky stains are essentially a part of life, and that they can be extremely stubborn and not easily removed. However, our expert team, has been trained with dealing and removing event the toughest of stains, from coffee to wine. We only use non-toxic solutions that do not leave any of their own stains, and are designed to remove these tough stains. With our experienced team, and state of the art technology, we are the perfect solution to getting rid of stains.

However, we also would like to mention that some stains cannot actually removed without damaging the condition of the carpet no matter how hard we try. In such cases, we try to minimise the visibility and effects of the stain, with minimal damage.

Quality Dry Cleaners

Commercial/Office Carpet Cleaning in Blackrock- We not only provide our excellent carpet cleaning services for houses, but also for commercial carpets. We make sure that the level of quality is consistent no matter how large or small scale the cleaning is. We understand the time constraints around workplace servicing and we will work accordingly, to ensure a dry carpet for your colleagues to walk into. We also tender to offices, schools, restaurants, warehouses etc.

How much does the carpet cleaning service cost?

We provide a free, non-obligatory quote for the overall cost of your carpet cleaning, if requested. The cost depends on varying factors such as the size of the carpet, the condition and severity of it, and the material. We are competitive and affordable when compared to other cleaning services in the Dublin area, and we are extremely good value for the money. We value and ensure 100% customer satisfaction with the quality and results of our work. We will also provide a breakdown of the prices if requested. We can tailor specifications of the package to your carpet’s needs, to ensure the best of results.

We can also offer discounted carpet cleaning service packages.

Carpet cleaning is only one of the many other services, such as rug cleaning or upholstery cleaning, that we offer for your home/corporate property. With the combination of multiple packages, we offer great discounts overall, which is both efficient in regards to money and time-saving. Also, we offer special deals when you have signed up to join our memberships.

By combining carpet cleaning with furniture cleaning, booking it as part of the end-of-tenancy cleaning, or even as a single commercial carpet cleaning service, avails you the opportunity to benefits from discounts, membership and even combo deals.

Why choose us?

We at GS Cleaning, take pride in our work. We have an excellent team of highly trained individuals who have years of experience in this field, and are extremely professional and friendly. We utilise the latest top of the market equipment, and new top-quality eco-friendly and non-toxic products in our cleaning services. We value customer safety and satisfaction, and hence take care to make long-lasting relationships with our customers, really taking into account their feedback.

Check out our gallery, where we have posted before and after pictures of our work, videos of our equipment and team at work. Please also feel free to read our customer testimonials.

How do I book your services?

Our bookings are simple to make. Simply call us, or send us an email, and we will get back to you within the hour. Our office hours are 8am-8pm, Monday to Sunday. We will discuss all necessary information before proceeding with the actual cleaning service, as we want to tailor services according to your specifications and needs. We are available all 7 days of the week, and schedule dates and times according to your convenience.






This will include wiping down all the surfaces with help of a damp microfiber cloth, additionally to vacuum and disinfect the complete area.

These are the cleaning process:

  1. Inspection
  2. Sweep/flush
  3. Wash
  4. Rinse

These are the steps:

  1. Removing everything for cleaning
  2. Consider rearranging the space
  3. Clean computer equipment
  4. Clean the office chair
  5. Focus on the place that gets touched the most
  6. Manage office trash

This process will include dusting, vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the floor in all the rooms. It also includes mirrors, toilets, showers, and the kitchen as well.

The three-method used for sanitization is steam, hot water, and hot air.

For effective cleaning and sanitizing:

  1. Remove food bits or dirt
  2. Wash the surface
  3. Rinse the surface
  4. Sanitize the surface
  5. Dry the surface

These are the following ways:

  1. Dust and sweep
  2. Tackle another surface
  3. Mix cleaning solution for floor
  4. Clean the shower and bathtub
  5. Clean the vanity area