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Quality cleaning is an essential factor for an organization to stay in business. In this context, GS Cleaning is the professional cleaning company in BlackRock that will first care for your residential and commercial cleaning requirements. A company that takes care of its employees gains reward for their employees’ dedication, loyalty, and work.

Likewise, GS Cleaning works hard enough to recognize and support the employees to improve their work continuously. We have been in the cleaning industry for a long; therefore, we understand the importance of experienced staff and the difference it can bring in the task's output.

Service Information

  • Price :€59
  • Cleaning Hours :1-3 Hours
  • Number of Cleaners :02 Cleaner
  • Visiting Hours :09.00am - 05.00pm
  • Contact :+353 01 278 9592
  • E-mail
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When you hire us, our professional staff will handle all your cleaning needs to focus on your business. We are specialists in whatever we do so that you can trust us for the job. Our reliable cleaning specialists offer special services like carpet cleaning, window washing, sofa cleaning, mattress washing, and other additional cleaning services that you might need. This might be one reason why most of the companies and residential projects are in our pocket for total cleaning.

Now it is not at all difficult to find the best professional cleaning company in BlackRock. You need to hire us, and we will do everything for you. Before taking our services, you can ask us for an obligation-free quote. We believe just like every property is different and unique on its own, similarly their cleaning needs. Therefore at GS Cleaning, we offer a customized cleaning plan that will perfectly fit your cleaning requirements. Through this process, you can uncover particular cleaning frequencies and instructions that are right for us. We design our services around our customers, therefore hire us, wherever you find it is hard for you to handle. You will find us standing close by.