Sofa Cleaning Service Prices

Sofa Cleaning Service Prices are:

(Minimum Call out – €50.00)




With the help of a professional cleaning service this can help to last the furniture last for a longer run and it will keep the couch healthy and safe.

As per the professional couch should be deep cleaned at least once or twice every one year.

It can be cleaned every 6 to 12 months intervals this will make the sofa clean and more durable, it will eliminate all the soils that can degrade the fiber of the couch.

This is how a professional clean the sofa:

  1. Steam and heat extraction
  2. Carbonation cleaning
  3. Chemical cleaning
  4. Foam cleaning
  5. Dry cleaning

You can clean your sofa by yourself but it is advised to get your sofa cleaned by professionals for a better cleaning experience.

These bugs can be found:

  1. Bed bugs
  2. Carpet beetles
  3. Dust mites
  4. Fleas

All the clothes or mattresses can be washed in hot water for 30 mins or a steamer can be used on the mattress to get rid of bed bugs.