How Professional Cleaners Treat Different Types of Carpets?

Are you interested to know more about professional carpet cleaning? Not sure how the entire process is done? Well then, you need not worry as you have landed at the right place. We are going to tell you how exactly carpets are cleaned professionally. You will also get to know which method is going to be the most perfect for you.

Why are there so many carpet cleaning methods?

Well, textiles may widely vary in shapes and sizes and a professional carpet cleaning company will offer you different cleaning techniques to clean all types of carpets. These companies clean rugs, carpets, upholstery and various other household textiles for you. They do not just clean the carpet superficially. Your carpet will be cleaned inside out.

What are the various professional carpet cleaning techniques?

We are going to mention some of the professional carpet cleaning techniques used by the professional cleaners.

Hot water extraction:

Hot water extraction is also known as steam cleaning. This is the most common professional carpet cleaning technique and is used by hundreds of companies. In steam cleaning, hot water is added to the carpet at a high pressure. As a result, the water will penetrate through the fibres of the carpet thus removing the bacteria and the dust particles that are stored within the fibres of the carpet. Hot water will then be extracted by a vacuum. That is why this technique is called the hot water extraction technique.

The cleaning process starts with the application of a cleansing agent in the target area. The cleansing agent can be spread through a brush so that every area is cleaned evenly. The hot water extraction method comes into play only after the cleansing agent has broken down the dust from the carpet. It takes around 2 hours to clean a carpet using the steam cleaning method. However, it takes quite a long time for the carpet to get completely dry. This method is also practiced in commercial carpet cleaning activities but it would take overnight to dry the carpet.

Absorbent compound cleaning:

Absorbent compound cleaning is another popular carpet cleaning method and is used by multiple companies. In this type of cleaning method, the carpet is left spotless clean. This method is also known as the dry carpet cleaning method. An absorbent compound is used that will bind to the dust particles and other bacteria that lies in your carpet. 

A mechanical brush is then used to evenly distribute the absorbent components throughout the carpet fibres. This disrupts the dirty fibres and causes them to break down easily. The compound will then be given some time so that it can separate the dust particles from the carpet fibres. It will then be vacuumed by means of a vacuum device. This technique is extremely important for anyone who is looking forward to deep cleaning their carpet without having to wet it.

Bonnet cleaning:

While other cleaning methods are more about deep cleaning the carpet, bonnet cleaning mostly focuses on the surface of the carpet. It leaves the surface completely clean. For bonnet cleaning, a professional bonnet machine is required. The bonnet machine consists of a spinning head that is soaked in cleaning solution. In this cleaning method, the carpet surface will be completely polished thereby removing grime and dirt. This method is commonly used in offices, hotels and other commercial businesses where only surface cleaning is required.

Bonnet cleaning is no doubt one of the fastest professional carpet cleaning methods. However, it can make a huge difference in the appearance of your carpet. You must also keep in mind that bonnet cleaning is mainly regarded as a quick fix. It is not a long lasting solution as the dust and dirt may once again rise to the surface from the carpet fibres thereby making it look dirty once again. This means repeated bonnet cleaning is required if you want your carpet to look clean at all times.

Carpet shampooing:

If you are looking for an easy and simple way to clean your carpet, then carpet shampooing is the method for you. It is the oldest method of cleaning your carpet professionally. However, the method is still popularly used today. It was mainly used as a method to clean heavy duty carpet but the process has evolved with time and nowadays, the entire process is carried out by means of advanced technology. Nowadays, in carpet shampooing, a foaming substance is applied to the carpet by means of a brush machine. 

The brush machine will spread the forming surface evenly throughout the fibres of the carpet. Vacuuming is then used to remove the shampoo along with the dirt that gets attached to it. The carpet may take a considerable amount of time to get totally dried up. After that, dry vacuuming is used to remove any kind of leftover residue from the surface.

Encapsulation: Although this technique may sound fancy, yet it is a very commonly used cleaning method. Most professional carpet cleaners offer this service to the customers. In case of encapsulation cleaning, a synthetic foaming detergent is used in order to remove all the dust and dirt from the carpet. There is a brush machine that will beautifully spread the detergent along the surface of the carpet. The foam will gradually crystallize into a powder and while it does so, it encapsulates all the dust particles present in the carpet.

The powder is then vacuumed and the dirt is removed along with it. Encapsulation is preferred over carpet shampooing because there is no leftover residue. This process also takes less time to dry. The water used is also quite less. However, encapsulation cleaning is not the ideal cleaning method for all circumstances and most carpet cleaning professionals will not recommend this method for carpets that are extremely dirty.

And these are some of the most popular methods of carpet cleaning. Choose your method depending on your needs and requirements and get your carpet cleaned beautifully.

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