Why Steam Cleaning Is Mandatory for Carpets Twice a Year

Carpets are important for all kinds of industries. They are used in commercial as well as residential properties for various purposes. Well, no matter where you are going to use your carpet, you require your carpet to be cleaned regularly and a very effective way of cleaning your carpet is steam cleaning. You can expect almost 100% positive results by using a steam cleaner. However, the process should be carried out extremely carefully and with professional knowledge. Only then will you be able to make the most out of it.

So, let us have a look at what steam cleaning is all about and what are its pros and cons. We are also going to check out how exactly you can steam clean your carpet and why it is important for you to get steam cleaning done at least twice a year.

What is steam cleaning?

Steam cleaning, as the name suggests, uses steam to clean your carpets. Actually steam cleaning combines water with certain chemicals to remove the dust, dirt, grime and other unwanted material from your carpet. A steam cleaner, also called the carpet steam extractor, sprays the carpet with a cleaning detergent mixed with hot water. It then uses a vacuum to extract the dirty water from the carpet.

Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to deep clean your carpet. It takes the help of a cleaner and hot water to clean your carpet. It is also not just the surface cleaning method. It will remove all the dust and dirt that are stuck deep into your carpet. This method also sprays water on the surface of the carpet to remove those particles that might otherwise be extremely difficult to remove.

Why is steam cleaning important?

Every business requires their carpets to be cleaned effectively and regularly. Regular maintenance will not only improve the lifespan of your carpet but will also help you to maintain hygiene and cleanliness. You should take your carpet for steam cleaning at least twice a year. Apart from that, you should also keep a doormat near the doorway to keep mud and snow away from your carpet. You should also clean up any stains that might come on your carpet immediately. Do not wait for it to get steam cleaned or it may cause your carpet permanent damage.

Advantages of steam cleaning:

It will expand the lifetime of your carpet 

One of the major benefits of steam cleaning is that it will extend the lifetime of your carpet. Over time, dust, dirt and allergens may accumulate in the carpet and get embedded within the carpet fibres. This may cause the fibres of the carpet to gradually deteriorate. Removing the accumulation will increase the longevity of your carpet

It creates a healthy environment

When earth, mud and dust get trapped in your carpet, it spoils the environment of your house. Some of these dust particles may also lead to various allergic reactions, breathing problems and other health issues. The high temperature of water used in steam cleaning can kill most of these allergens and hence, they are no longer a threat to the people living in your house.

Complete removal of bacteria and other dust particles

Steam cleaning will remove almost all kinds of impurities from your carpet. It will also lead to the removal of harmful bacteria and other allergens that might be present within the fibres of your carpet. Unlike other superficial cleaning methods, deep cleaning is a highly reliable cleaning method and it can make your environment look really clean.

Improve the overall appearance of the surroundings

As you must be knowing, carpeting is the best furnishing for a room. It can make a room look really nice and beautiful. Having a clean carpet can enhance the overall appearance of the available space. It will also give you a really good vibe. Having clean carpets in office areas and industries will also create a really good impact in the minds of the workers and they will start to feel really good about their workplace.

Is steam cleaning the best way to clean your carpet?

The steam cleaning machines basically shoot hot water and chemicals into your carpets and such back the jets of dirty water that comes back from the carpet. This method is called the hot water extraction method. The high temperature of water also removes the bacteria and all other impurities from your carpet. It is a deep cleaning method and is also better than other superficial methods. Steam cleaning also improves the lifetime of your carpet. For daily or weekly care, you can try vacuuming your carpet using a homemade solution. However, if you want your carpet to remain clean for a longer duration, then you should definitely hire a professional who would steam clean your carpet at least twice a year.

How often should you clean your carpet?

A very good rule is to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least twice a year. This way you will get a really good and clean carpet. You can also stop the dirt from building up. However, the frequency will also depend on various other factors. If you have pets at your home, then you should get your carpets cleaned more frequently. Also, if you are using your carpet for commercial purposes, then a lot of dust may build up. In such a case, the frequency of steam cleaning should increase. If you have a really busy household with a lot of people, then the carpets can get dirty more quickly. In that case, you should try vacuuming your carpet at least twice a week and you can take it for steam cleaning around twice or thrice a year.

And this was all about the importance of steam cleaning your carpet. In case you have anything else in mind or you would want to share something, do let us know and we will share them with the readers.

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